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April 17, 2013 6:57 pm

I suppose there are thousands of art websites for viewing, buying, selling, and sharing art.  Here are a few I have enjoyed: and   These two websites showcase all kinds of art, including heavy doses of very interesting installation art.  It is always a lot of fun to check these out.  You can also like them on Facebook and stay up with them there. – This website is geared toward selling well known artist’s works.  It created a very extensive “art genome” as a way to categorize art and find similar styles to what you may be interested in, sort of like Rhapsody does with music. – This website showcases thousands of artists that includes painting, photography, digital art, tattoos, and additional styles.  It sells prints of many of the artist’s works. – This is a social website that is has a heavy visual emphasis.


March 21, 2013 10:41 pm

Hourglass Alchemy


The younger generation of art lovers and collectors are certainly more comfortable with online viewing of art for both enjoyment and purchase.  However, there are compromises.  For example, Camille Paglia reminds us in her book, Glittering Images, that much of modern abstract art loses its impact viewed both online or in print; to be fully appreciated, it must be seen full size in person.  The small size and other image compromises take their toll.  The painting you see here, Hourglass Alchemy, is another example.  The gold dust is transformed into God’s creation as it passes through the narrow part of the hourglass.  Not appreciated is the gold flake automotive paint that is used to enhance the gold dust effect.  Even less so, the gold dust changes into a dichromic red / green small flake paint in the air above the celtic cross.  This dichromic paint is also an automotive type paint that shifts from red to green depending on the angle of view.  The internet, as usual, is a tool that both enhances the art world but adds some compromises that we need to be aware of.  Use the internet to find art; then go see it in person.


January 21, 2013 1:32 pm

This is my latest work, to be added to my gallery shortly.  This piece represents a butterfly with photorealistic fire for wings and a black chrome body shaped like a scorpion/bee.   This piece allowed me additional practice in photorealistic flames as well as chrome, two of my favorite subjects.


dangerous butterfly 003


January 2, 2013 9:06 pm

The airbrush is a painting tool most commonly associated with t-shirts, graffiti, and custom automotive and motorcycle applications.  This latter use is especially well known with the spate of T.V. shows showcasing wildly customized bikes and cars such as American Choppers, Pimp My Ride, and Overhaulin’.  In the world of fine art and painting on canvas or illustration board, the airbrush artist is a rare breed.  Many of the artists I mention below use an airbrush combined with other techniques such as traditional brush, ink, marker and pencil to complete their art work.  A few restrict their pieces totally to airbrushing.  The airbrush is particularly useful for photorealistic paintings.

For those interested in perusing Fine Art airbrush artists, consider an internet image search of the following:

1) Christian Lassen – beautiful marine art based in Hawaii.  He uses bold colors and complicated compositions.  The airbrush is one of his tools.

2) Denis Mayer – incredible photorealistic wildlife art.  He also uses the airbrush with other tools.

3) Peter Maier – very large photorealistic paintings of classic cars and sports cars on aluminum panels.

4) Alberto Ponno – auto racing scenes.

5) Glenn Ferguson – caricature art.  Okay, so it may not be “fine art” but it is a lot of fun to look at and his skill level is amazing.

Finally, please check out the art of Dru Blair.  Dru became will known for his military and aviation art, but he also paints a wide variety of subjects from wildlife to portraits and everything in between.  Dru’s work is incredibly photorealistic.  You can see his work at and on his Blair School of Art website,  The picture I have posted is a portrait that I painted at one of his classes.

There are many other airbrush artists painting on canvas; my apologies to those not mentioned.  I have not discussed pin up artists; I will leave those to others to mention.  Probably the most famous airbrush artist is H.R. Giger.  he is best known for painting the original Alien creature in the Alien series of movies.  But be forewarned, that alien is the least creepy image in his portfolio.  I hope you enjoy looking at this sampling.




December 28, 2012 7:50 pm

I attended my first national art show, the Red Dot Miami show, in December of 2012.  The photograph shows my work on display.  This was an interesting, enjoyable, and educational experience.  I was also able to visit 2 other art fairs in the Miami art district.  There was a large variety of contemporary art at these shows, as one can imagine.  The Scope Art Fair showed the wildest type of art.  A couple of examples can be seen on my Facebook art page, Russell Dodds Art.  Scope also had a dedicated Asian art section. The Art Miami Fair was very large, probably 3 times larger than Red Dot, and had more expensive art on average.  I was not able to attend Art Basil Miami as that was at the Miami Convention Center and not in the art disctrict.  There were a few photorealistic artists, but I did not see any other airbrushed art and I did not see any art that was similar to my style, specifically a photorealistic science fiction style.




October 16, 2012 10:06 pm


This is a wooden gun stock from a Mossberg winmag 338 rifle.  I painted the stock to look like it had cutouts with underlying carbon fiber.  One area looks like brushed black chrome, and there is a simulated gold letter inlay for the customer’s last name.  Accurately recreating effects of metal, wood, stone and other materials is part of the photorealistic challenge that I enjoy.




August 31, 2012 12:32 pm


This was a commission painting for some friends.  They wanted a whimsical undersea painting for their kids’ bedroom.  I decided on inventing some giant jellyfish.  But how do you demonstrate the size of a giant make believe jellyfish with no reference in the painting?  Anything I painted could have been 1 inch tall or 100 feet tall and you wouldn’t be able to tell which.  I added a submarine and a school of fish below it so that hopefully the viewer would get the idea of size that I wanted to communicate.  Throw in a little glow in the dark paint on top and let the kids dream of undersea adventures.


August 3, 2012 5:31 pm


The Illuma-Fx canvas lights up when turned on.  It is thin, about the thickness of a metal sign.  Coming out of the back are wires that are connected to a small transformer so it can be plugged into the wall.  This new technology allows for some unique special effects.  As you can see from this painting, my first with this product, there are several details that light up when turned on.  They are almost invisible in the off position.  The Steampunk style skull is wearing goggles that show the eyeballs when illuminated.  Gears pop out of the corner panels and lightning shows up.  I hope to try additional illuminating panels in the future.  This painting is 12 inches by 18 inches.  Different sizes are available.  Check out the Illuma-fx website and see how this product is used in automotive and custom motorcycle paint jobs.




July 3, 2012 1:35 am

As an artist I have developed a particular interest in accurately rendering chrome and other highly polished metals.  Dealing with the mirror like reflections created by these metals is very challenging.  How do you achieve a photorealistic result?  It took awhile for me to learn this skill.  I talked with instructors, studied reference photos, and practiced on many projects.  The painting below represents part of a painting I did for my son’s long board.  A gas mask has a chrome plated filter.  The chrome look is achieved with the black, white, and grey paint that recreate the horizon line and light reflections that are common to polished metal.  No silver paint is used but the mind deduces that chrome creates this look, so it must be silver colored chrome that we are looking at.



May 21, 2012 8:23 pm

The Steampunk genre includes art, fashion, music, video games, and other cultural trends.  Most people seem to really enjoy the complicated machines that form the basis of this movement.  The thought of trying accomplish what these machines do (or are theoretically supposed to do) with a centuries old technology adds to its attraction.  Pictured is a steampunk skateboard with an air intake to the left, gears and dials in the middle, and exhaust to the right.  For additional Steampunk eye candy, see the mechanical animal sculptures of Pierre Matter (, the creative lighting of Art Donovan ( and the art of Kazihuko Nakamura  (  The history of Steampunk is well described in Wikipedia, and a google search will reveal many other websites to explore.


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