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Pushing Boundaries

January 7th, 2015 by

The artist, as he or she moves forward in their career, must constantly choose what to paint next.  Do you want to stay safe and only paint those things that you have experience in and have mastered to a large degree?  Or do you  want to try something different and push some boundaries even if you are not very successful?  You may end up with a painting that you are not able to offer for sale because it did not come out very good.  Such is the case with this latest effort by me.  I tried to paint a landscape that recreated downtown Greenville, SC and make it look like the Shire in Lord of the Rings.  Downtown Greenville  has a river with waterfall, called Falls Park.  It has a cool curved footbridge called Liberty Bridge.  You can google it and see images, comparing the actual site to my painting.  But the finished product falls flat, in my opinion.  There is something missing here, something that does not look right.  Whether I come back to this at a future date and work on it some more or not remains to be seen.  But this represents me trying something new that I have not done before, a landscape with a river and buildings that I made up out of my head.  There are always lessons learned that will be used in the next painting, even if this one stays in my basement.


.falls park 1