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Carbon Footprints

January 2nd, 2014 by

This painting is a triptych, a 3 part painting with a common theme.  The Triptych style started in the Christian Church in the Middle Ages and the panels often had hinges so the painting could be folded and transported easily.  In this painting, Russell has taken a commonly used modern phrase, ‘carbon footprint’, but used it in a different and unexpected way.  The full title of the painting is “Carbon footprints – a Triptych of Intelligent Design.” Instead of referring to inefficient economic activity of a person or a process, it instead refers to the value of God’s creations, from the inanimate (a volcano), to the living world (an orchid), and finally to the creation made in  his image.  The painting is comprised of 3 panels, each 8 inches by 10 inches.  This painting is for sale.  No prints are available.


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