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Hourglass Alchemy

March 21st, 2013 by

Hourglass Alchemy


In this painting, entitled Hourglass Alchemy, Russell has taken his exploration of fantasy photorealism in a different direction. We have an hourglass filled with gold dust or sand.  As it passes through the narrow portion of the hourglass, it transforms into a nature scene with an old moss covered celtic style cross.  Centuries ago the alchemists tried in vain to transform base metals into gold.  In this painting Russell turns the original idea of alchemy on its head (like turning an hourglass over to reset it) and shows worthless gold transforming into God’s creation.  The painting includes automotive gold flake paint, as well as a small amount of dichromic paint that cannot be seen in the photo.  As the gold dust filters down it transitions into dichromic flake paint that shifts from red to green depending on the angle of viewing.  It is subtle and can only be seen when looking at the original painting.

This painting is 30 inches by 24 inches.  This painting has sold and no prints are available.


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