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Insect Biomechanical

March 2nd, 2012 by

Inspired by watch components, this painting is 24 x 36 inches on canvas. Inside the wings is a recreated watch mechanism in mirror image. The legs have springs and shock absorbers similar to the front forks of a motorcycle. This painting represents a version of the biomechanical style, heavy on the mechanical and light on the biological. The other elements in the painting are based on different watch components. Even the “frame” is based on a rectangular watch bezel. In this painting Russell continued his efforts to paint chrome and complicated machinery. Inside the upper round brass bezel you see a winged butterfly like creature. This painting originally had the finger skeleton butterfly that is seen in the “Fringe” t.v. show. Once the artist decided to market his art he had to change it to a unique image of his own creation.  This painting is for sale.  No prints are available.

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