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Robot Updating His Facebook Page

March 2nd, 2012 by

Here we have surrealism and self portrait. In this room with a gold chrome robot, table, and stairs, we have the artist sitting on the stairs and his wife represented by a painting on the wall. The checkerboard floor is reflected and distorted in the globe beneath the table and by the curve of the stairs. This painting also gave Russell the opportunity to paint glass objects. The aquarium stand is green glass. It shows internal reflections and some “radiosity” of green color in the immediately surrounding floor. The aquarium is clear glass with a small goldfish. Russell worked long and hard to try to get this right, including taking reference photos with a small aquarium and a plastic goldfish to determine how the floor and goldfish would be reflected on the surface of the water. The painting is also a tongue in cheek observation of the social media craze. Originally this painting was to be entitled “Robot Updating his Goldfish’s Facebook Page” but that title was quite unwieldy, so it was shortened, thereby decreasing the irony of the situation (the idea that not only robots felt the need for a Facebook page, but so did their pets.) The robot’s head is a clear light blue glass with a metallic sphere floating in the middle. He doesn’t really have eyes but he is “staring” at a computer screen.  Offered for sale is the original measuring 24 x 36 inches and prints  at 24 x 36 inches,  18 x 27 inches (limited edition for large and medium, 10 each), and 12 x 18 inches (open edition.)

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