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Scanning For Clowns

March 24th, 2015 by


If clowns are not going to carry cell phones, then how are we going to keep track of them?  We are going to have to send out clown scanner drones.

This painting’s full title is “Scanning for Clowns Without Cell Phones. In this painting, Russell is commenting on the modern societal trend of increased government surveillance and the idea of a clown symbolizing any group in our culture that is misunderstood and is therefore marginalized. For Americans, clowns are seen as a fun element of the circus, but also have a dark side that is felt to be creepy. This latter element has been shown in movies and T.V, including a famous Seinfeld episode where the character Cramer was revealed to be terrified of clowns. In this painting then, they serve as an apt metaphor for the misunderstood in society.

This painting is for sale. It is airbrushed on an aluminum panel, 36 inches x 24 inches. No prints available.

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