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The Healthcare Machine

March 2nd, 2012 by

The Healthcare Machine is one of the artist’s earlier pieces when he started his interest in machines. The symbolism is hinted at in the title of this piece. Our present healthcare system in the U.S. is so complicated by regulation and insurance issues that it can be quite painful to deal with. Dealing with the system itself is analogous to having a painful procedure in a complex machine. In this painting the artist was first learning how to paint chrome and other highly polished metal such as brass and copper. For younger audiences, the structures around the head are vacuum tubes. Vacuum tubes were used in electronic machines such as radios and televisions prior to the invention of the transistor. The original painting is 30 x 20 inches.  Offered for sale is the original measuring 30 x 20 inches, and prints at each of the following sizes: 14 x 10 inches (open edition), 30 x 20 inches, and 44 x 30 inches (limited edition at medium and large sizes, 10 each.)

Prints will be signed and numbered by the artist. Price includes shipping within the continental U.S.

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